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A day after Christmas I decided to use the gift certificate sent to me by Bloomingdale’s Customer Service. I must say It was not easy to use this gift certificate, which was very surprising  for me. Now I understand my customers’ frustration in not being able to find flattering dresses in department stores.

Why this happening? My assessment comes from my observations as a fashion designer, stylist, fashionista, and mature lady who knows what looks good on her. I have come to the conclusion that the word fashion in our minds is associated with something skimpy, small and tiny, which is flattering just if you have a small size. Do we need to think this way? Certainly not! My understanding of fashion design is all about the art of transformation. Size does not matter too much, if a designer is an artist  who “plays" with proportions to create a perfect balance, keeping in mind the average  human body, an artist who creates for all, not just for 5% of women, an artist whose motto is that fashion should serve people--not the other way around.

At the same  time I have to be fair.  I have noticed that designs of Carolina Herrera, Oscar De La Renta, and a few more designers keep in mind classic women’s proportion. Is this the reason that their dresses flatter your body?  But at the same time my other observation is this: it these designs are just classical, they are missing something. I think what they are missing is...excitement.

I decided to go classic also, just with excitement!  I hope you will be excited to check out my designs.

In the end clothing should make us happy!

Cheers! And Happy Holidays from Anna Nieman Couture!  I will be happy to see you in New Year 2018!


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