The Wellesleyan Collection

Sometimes we are looking for beautiful places in faraway lands and countries, forgetting about our own town. Forgetting that the place where we live has something special, something interesting, which can capture our attention. My attention was captured.  It is easier to compare and better appreciate the place where you live after visiting faraway lands. We travel, we learn, we enjoy and after we come home and feel at ease.  Is it this way because everything is so familiar or because of the actual beauty and good things about this place which we call home?  I think it is both.

What is interesting about Wellesley? The place where I moved fifteen years ago and called home.

First of all, the name: “Wellesley.” It sounds just lovely and calming. We are lucky to have this name.

I immigrated from Eastern Europe thirty-three years ago and am still fascinated with the difference in landscape and space here compared to Europe. Everything is more open here, with more space.  I am still impressed by the size of the trees.  They are just huge sometimes.  I look at these tree tops and wonder what life was like here 100 years ago.  It has changed so much since then, but the trees became just bigger and stronger.

If you look carefully on the streets, houses and shops, there is so much history and originality you can find.

This collection, which I called The Wellesleyan, is an appreciation of my lovely town. It's a collection with special occasion dresses that will be perfect for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom.

I tried to capture the colors, shapes and nature of the town and to blend them with my designs.

Once I saw a house on a beautiful street in Wellesley and was captivated by the color of the house–it was stone blue, like the color of my dress Iza.  So it was a perfect match of colors, house and dress! And the dress was modeled photographed there. 

If we can pause and look around us we can see beauty and charm, which is always here, always present.  There’s no place like home! 

XO XO Anna Nieman