About Anna

Anna Nieman, a European fashion designer and artist, moved to the US from Europe in 1991. Her creativity, passion for art, extraordinary vision, and strong work ethic have led her to success in her design and modeling career in the US.  Anna  opened her atelier in 2010, creating bridal gowns, custom-made mother-of-the bride and -groom dresses in Boston, evening gowns for galas and for other black tie events, as well as elegant special-occasion dresses.  Soon she discovered a niche for elegant, sophisticated clothing for women who know what they want and who are not afraid to look extraordinary!  A strong trend in fashion tells women that they need to accommodate themselves to the fashion industry's ideal of the perfectly tall and slender figure. But Anna realizes that in reality we all have different sizes, shapes, and that the goal of a good designer is to use the vision of a real artist, and incorporate the unique shapes of design and colors of fabrics to complement, accentuate, and flatter each unique figure to its greatest effect. 

"My goal is to bring fashion to  the people, not the other way around!"                                                                                                              -Anna Nieman

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