Wildlife Shawls

Did you ever have the experience when you have an event to go to and find yourself looking  for a shawl to cover shoulders in your sleeveless dress?
Many of my clients have had this experience, including me. The problem with shawls that you find in department stores is that they are not see-through. By this I mean that they will cover the design of the dress, not just your shoulders. So, I invented a see-through shawl, one which will let the design of the dress still show.

To reveal the beauty, the lightness, and the flow of my silk/organza shawls, I took them to Broadmoor Wildlife Preserve, where nature shines in such glory so the wind, the sun, and the breathtaking greenery engage the breathtaking beauty of these dazzling shawls.  

What is special about these transparent silk/organza shawls? With a life of their own they create designs, shapes, and forms, responding to the surrounding wind and water.

You can tighten the shawl on the side or on the back of the dress and its edges will become a flower, or you can let them stream like a waterfall, or lift like the wind.  

Imagine… you have an event on a gardenside hill, or at a California vineyard, or on the beach of Cape Cod…and you  cover your shoulders with one of my soft, light, luxurious silk/organza shawls and a light wind peacefully ripples the edges of the shawl as it ripples the leaves or the water, and you are as one with your surroundings, a special mood is created which speaks only of peace, serenity, and happiness…

This shawl is made from luxurious silk organza, a fabric which is airy and light and see-through.  Also, silk organza has a delicacy and a beautiful flow to it.  

Shawls can be done in a variety of colors.  You are welcome to visit Anna Nieman Couture to find a right shade for you.

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