Bridal Gowns

Bridal Gowns | Boston

The Anna Nieman Bridal Collection is a couture art gallery of beautiful bridal gowns, an exposition of luxurious gowns made from the highest quality fabrics used in the bridal industry: silk/wool, double-face satin, and french lace. When I designed my Iconic Bridal Collection, I was pursuing my vision of elegance, sophistication, tradition, and glamour, and I was  inspired by classical paintings, bridal-fashion tradition, and modern elements. A wedding is a very special day, when a girl’s childhood fantasy to be like a princess can be transformed into reality. The gowns from my collection reflect this idea and are designed for a romantic, poetic, and confident bride.

And for the bride who has her specific vision of the dream gown, our team can make this vision a reality.  

Anna Nieman XOXO