Anna Nieman is a Boston-based, European-born fashion designer with a background in art, fashion-design, and modeling. Anna moved to the United States in 1991 and began working as a freelance fit model and designer for various American companies, as well as an instructor of modeling. In 2010 she opened the Anna Nieman’s Design Studio in Brookline, Massachusetts, specializing in the design of custom-made bridal gowns. At the studio many customers came to discover and enjoy the art of custom-making clothing. In 2014 the designer opened her new Design Studio and Boutique in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and created her line of classic, elegant dresses with an innovative flair for diverse occasions. Anna’s knowledge of fabrics and craftsmanship were polished and mastered in endless hours of fittings during her prior fit-modeling experience. Her passion for drawing and painting, which she pursued as a youth, sharpened her eye for balance, proportion, and details. Her vision is inspired by the paintings of the old masters and by vintage glamour and contemporary trends.