Anna Nieman | Boston Fashion Designer

Anna Nieman designs for women who like to be noticed, who don't mind standing out in the crowd--because they look fabulous!
There was a time, so people say, when the clothes that you bought in the department store had a better quality fabric, their cut was more...thoughtful...than now.
Quality is never out of fashion!
My pristine quality begins with the luxurious fabrics from Europe that I use. It is a quality inspired by art, by nature, and by designers who blend classic artistry with current fashion. My design is classic couture with a modern twist and often an unexpected element for a dash of excitement! My designs are not just for some women, but for every woman who likes to look gorgeous!
Anna Nieman collections are produced as custom-crafted, luxurious couture clothes, made in Boston.
I believe that a fashion designer first of all should be be an ARTIST, who creates clothes like any artwork, working with the materials and the colors, proportions, making sure that the elements have just one purpose: to make their client's look beautiful!
I welcome you into the world of fashion and art!
Anna Nieman XOXO