Mother of the Bride and Groom Dresses

Thank you Letter from my lovely customer, Cathy
Good morning Anna,

I showed the pictures to my husband and he loved the dress!

Anna, as I explained to you, I’ve never had a dress designed for me before; the entire process was very new. I was both nervous and excited.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with me, for being genuine, and for gently walking me through the entire designer dress process. You are elegant, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable yet not intimidating. I appreciate your insight with all aspects of dress from head to toes - shoes, jewelry, nail polish colors, everything! Your guidance is invaluable to me.
Thank you for making my dream come true.
Congratulations!  Your daughter or your son is getting married!  This is a beautiful occasion—but it requires a lot of preparation!  An important question arises for mothers-of-the bride and -groom. The Dress! 
From my experience as a designer, specializing in special occasions dresses, I know, that  often ladies ordered dresses on-line and end up returning them—an extremely time- consuming and frustrating process.
Anna Nieman Couture Boutique has an extended collection of dresses, perfect for the mother-of-the-bride or -groom.  They are elegant, sophisticated, made from luxurious fabrics from Europe and Asia.  Most important, every dress can be customized to your specifications and body type.  Sleeves can be added, the length can be changed, the shade or color transformed—all with just one goal—to make you looks beautiful ! The designer will find for you the most flattering color, which will be perfect with  the color scheme of the wedding party.
"What if the Anna Nieman Collection does not have my dream dress?”
Then the designer  can do sketches of your dress to match your imagination, and then have the dress made to this vision. 
A custom dress requires from one to three fittings; it’s best to have from three to  five months for completion.  Rush orders are available for an extra fee.
Call 781-235-2617 or email to make an appointment.