Black Tie Event

Boston is one of the handful of cities around the world where you can wake up and know, instantly, where you are. Copley Square, located at the heart of historic Boston, displays the essence of that experience. The awe-inspiring architecture, stunning skyline, and metropolitan sensibility of Copley square were the inspiration for my Collection--”Black Tie Event."  I would say The Fairmont Hotel is a Beaux Art jewel of the architectural ensemble creating Copley, and it was here that this Collection was photographed. 

Anna Nieman's Black Tie Event Collection is the ultimate in elegance and luxury, blending beautifully with the gold and jewel colors of The Fairmont interior. This was a match made in heaven! The silhouettes of the dresses enhance feminine beauty and make you feel confident and special. This feeling is exactly what every women desires when going to her Black Tie Event.  Please notice how these elegant dresses look effortless and organic in such beautiful settings! 

If you have an event coming up such as a wedding (for brides, mother-of-the-bride or -groom) a gala or other special occasion, you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss the possibility of a custom couture dress just for you!


Anna Nieman