“Modistka” is polish slang for fashionista. It’s a term that reminds me of my childhood, where the most important and influential events of our lives take place. Many of my collection of good memories are about fashion, since even as a child I was a “modistka.”

I lived in a small village in Eastern Europe on the bank of the Nieman River. It was a small place, but for me it was full of big dreams. I was very far from the fashion world, but I was lucky to have my grandmother Anna, who lived in a big city of northern Russia. I was her favorite granddaughter and because of this I was getting lots of presents from her. I still remember that when I was ten years old she bought for me a stylish plaid pantsuit. It was a combination of green, brown, and yellow colors. It had a little belt at the waist, pockets, and sleek pants. I liked walking through the village with the people looking on me with nice smiles and curiosity. I felt beautiful and special!

When I was eighteen and taking a bus to university, people said that everybody was waiting for me to take the bus to see what I was wearing that day.  

So fascination about fashion was in my DNA. 

I am not alone in this. I find often my clients share with me stories about their special outfits from the past. How happy they made them feel! Fabrics like tulle and organza, or flowered skirts and a special magenta color and other elements of fashion can bring back such sweet memories. 

A good thing about fashion (but not life!) is that we can go back in time and resurrect our fashion passions. So sometimes fashion can be about repeating our own history with a modern interpretation. The beauty of custom-making dresses is that we can go back in time and as an artist and designer I can help you to do it. I would be glad to talk to you about the possibility of making a custom dress to incorporate your beautiful memory!

When I was six years old, I was stopped by my neighbor while walking to the bus stop in my mother’s high-heeled shoes and scarf.

My neighbor asked me: “Where you going, dressed like that, Anyuta?” I answered: “America.”

So it took for me many years to travel from the bank of the Nieman in Eastern Europe to a suburb of Boston to dress people, but I brought with me a lot memories and dreams. I wish for you that your dreams come true, too!

XO XO Anna Nieman 

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