From our atelier and showroom we can help you find the best outfit for that special occassion. Schedule an appointment with the designer to find the best option for you, whether it's a custom-made gown or ready-to-wear outfit. With the designer's expertise and consultation, including a color analysis, we can make you feel like a VIP at that upcoming event.



Custom-design, like every creative process, starts from an idea. Similar to creating a sculpture, you create and shape detail after detail until your image is perfected. What makes custom-made bridal gowns different from ready-to-wear gowns? Our designer works closely with you, the bride, to understand your unique style, likes and dislikes.

During the first consultation, we will have you try on different shapes and styles of gowns from our in-house collection to find the most flattering silhouette, color, and shape suitable for you and that special occasion. 

To schedule an appointment, contact us.

Sketches & Collaboration

After the initial consultation, the designer will construct custom sketches enabling you and the designer to collaborate on the best vision. During the review of the sketches, an assortment of appropriate fabric swatches will be viewed and measurements will be taken to arrive at the final plan. We typical chose the finest natural silks and satins as only rich fabrics can create a sumptuous dress. To complete the look, a bride may like to complement her dress with a veil and headpiece which will be custom made in our atelier.  

A very important benefit of this custom-made garment grows out of the collaborative process between you and the designer. We create the shapes, lines, and structures that are uniquely flattering to your appearance. A one-of-a-kind pattern will be made up and in the end a unique dress is created just for you.

At this point, an estimate for the order is provided and a 50% deposit is required to begin construction.

Fitting & Delivery

A typical custom-made gown will require from two to four fittings.  In the end, the bride will get a dress which fits perfectly to her body, hemmed and bustled, ready to wear. 

The designs we create through collaboration with you are always chic, elegant, and flattering. For the designer, it is important not just to create a beautiful dress, but to create the dress which looks beautiful on you! That is our goal.



First consultation (including determination of style of gown, color and texture of fabric):  $150/hr (in store) or $200/hr (on location) will go toward the order of the dress.

The typical starting price for a wedding gown : $2500

Mother-of-the-bride/groom gowns start at $1500